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FAQs Relating To Our Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads & Liners

Eco Pads by Pleasure Puss


How to use?

Step 1. Place the pad onto the gusset of panties

Step 2. Wrap the wings around gusset 


Step 3. Clip wings together

Is it hygienic?

Some women think that using cloth re-usable pads is not hygienic - that its unclean, dirty and gross!


Most women have been taught that having periods is shameful. We have indirectly (if not directly) absorbed the messages that menstrual blood is dirty, smelly, unhygienic and unclean.


This message is often perpetuated by the advertisers of menstrual products or rather "feminine hygiene" products. Even the term "feminine hygiene" implies that we need help with our hygiene.


With all these negative messages it is natural for women to want to hide their blood and throw it away as garbage. To do otherwise is to go against what we have been taught as women.


But menstruation is a natural physical process. It is not a sickness. Our blood is not diseased and dirty. It is a harmless by-product of a biological event.


The vagina itself is perfectly hygienic - in fact it is constantly self-cleaning without any help from deodorants, douches or pills.


Your monthly period is a cyclic cleanse, giving you a chance to get rid of physical and emotional rubbish you don't need - renewing yourself each cycle. After that - how can you still be dirty?


While it is true that washing your pads may take a couple of extra minutes out of your day, it is not true that using cloth pads is less hygienic than using disposables. In fact, creating piles of used plastic pads that won't break down in the environment is much less hygienic than washing your pads each cycle.


If you can wear normal cloth underwear - washing and re-using them time and time again without affecting your health - then why is using cloth pads any different?


In fact by using cloth pads, it is much easier to always have enough clean pads on hand to change your pads frequently. You don't have to worry about the cost of wasting your disposables. By changing your pads frequently (and this applies to disposables too)hygiene and personal comfort are improved, and odour is reduced.


What about the staining? do they really wash out?


Yes they do - we find the best way to deal with staining is to not give the stain time to set. By rinsing or soaking your pads in cold water as soon as possible you will find staining is kept to a minimum. I use cold water but I have had other people swear by warm for blood stains.


Adding salt to the soaking water will also help eliminate stains.


Oxygen Based whiteners like Oxy Boost also work well, if you find that your lighter pads wont quite return to white. But do not use chlorine bleach as this will shorten the lifespan of your pads.


Do they smell?


No… If you change your pad regularly just as you would your disposable you will avoid any unpleasant odour. In fact many women report feeling much fresher using clean cloth pads.The great thing about Pleasure Puss pads is you won’t be concerned about the cost every time you change your Pad.


Change them as often as you like and you’ll feel much fresher…the purse is also great if you are out and about.


How absorbent are Pleasure Puss pads?


Cloth Pads have come a long way. Pleasure Puss Pads are a one piece design containing a special adsorbent core which means they cope very well with most types of menstrual flow.


But what about leaks?


Pleasure Puss have a leakproof layer running the length and breadth of the pad - take a look at this diagram and see how the stay dry layer protects from any accidents - saving your clothes, and helping you to feel confident that your pad will not let you down.

Of course changing you pads regularly will also assist minimising leaks.

What about post-Partum can I use my Pleasure Puss pads after childbirth.


Your Pleasure Puss pads are excellent for post – partum use, Lets face it, you’ve just bought a new life into the world and it is a great time to be thinking about the future you will leave your children…

For post partum or heavier flow we recommend the Maxi size pad in Dry Touch fabrics.


How many pads do I need ? 

How many pads and panty liners you need really depends on your individual menstrual cycle.


Ideally you should have between 6 - 10 pads available to use per cycle. This gives you enough pads to last through 2 - 3 days worth of flow.


Our Love 'em Value Packs give you 8 pads in various sizes at a discounted price.


Use the following table as a rough guide.


Really Heavy Cycle

  • 3 - 6 Maxi pads

  • 2 Large pads

  • 2 Medium or Small Pads

Heavy Cycle

  • 2 - 4 Maxi Pads

  • 2 - 4 Large pads

  • 2 Medium or Small pads

Medium Cycle

  • 3 Large Pads

  • 2 Medium Pads

  • 1 Small pads

  • Panty Liners

Light Cycle Combination of Medium and Small pads and Panty Liners 

Some other factors to bear in mind when choosing your pads are:


Your height? - Taller women generally need longer pads.


Your build? - Petite, skinny women generally prefer smaller pads.


Your flow? - If your cycle is heavy - use the larger pads. If you have light flow then the small and medium should suit you fine.


Your security quotient? - Some women like the re-assurance of more length in a pad and some don't. Consider your comfort and security needs.

How to care for Liners?

Caring for your Pleasure Puss menstrual cloth pads really is very easy and takes up very little of your time.


Before you use your Pleasure Puss menstrual pads for the first time - please pre-wash them. After that follow these three simple steps to keep your cloth pads and panty liners fresh and clean.


Step 1. Soak in cold water (from as little as 2 minutes to 24 hours) You can add salt to the soaking water to stop staining. It's a good idea to squeeze them out until they run clear.


Step 2. Hand or machine wash. 

Throw them in the washing machine or try washing them when you take a shower. This is a convenient and time saving method of keeping your pads fresh and clean.


Step 3. Line or tumble dry.


What about Staining?


Soaking in cold water generally removes most stains especially if you add salt to the water. 

But if you come across more stubborn stains we recommend that you use pre-wash soap or soak in an OXYGEN based soaker. 

Do NOT use bleach or softeners on your Pleasure Puss as these will shorten their lifespan.

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