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How to use Pleasure Puss™ Cloth Menstrual Pads

They are really easy to use. You should change your cloth pads frequently - many women find that they can change their pads more often because they don't have to worry about cost.

What if I am out and about?

It's pretty much the same as using disposables - the only difference is you bring your pads home for laundering.

Your pads and panty liners can be folded up after use making it much easier to store and carry them.

We have made a special purse with 2 compartments to store your pads. The Purse is made of black fabric, with a clear plastic overlay. 


The Purse has two separate zippered, plastic lined compartments and measures approximately 17cm wide by 11 cm tall.

You can fit many pads in the Purse, certainly enough for one day's use. 

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