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Reusable Cloth Period Pads & Liners

Eco Pads by Pleasure Puss

When ordering your Pleasure Puss pads you have the freedom to choose the fabrics, colours and sizes you want to suit your individual needs.

All small pads can be used as panty liners and are AU$8.00 to AU$10.00 each as some fabrics and colours are on special.

Please note that the patterned fabrics in our Pads will come and go - so if you see something you like - grab it because it is a limited run.

Red, Black and White are not always available.

All our fabrics are chosen for maximum comfort and breathability but each fabric has different properties. Choose from:

100% Cotton

Super soft and warm, flannelette pads are excellent for a colder climate. These pads are a little more absorbent and thicker pad.

Available in Blue Tartan and Mushroom Tartan. Limited Stock of Blue Check and Red Hearts

Cool and light - superslim - the thinnest profile pad. Excellent for warmer weather.

Available in Roses and Lavender Check.

Cotton Poplin
100% Cotton

NEW to the Pleasure Puss Range, our new "Dry Touch" fabric has superior wicking qualities, drawing away wetness rapidly and staying dry to the touch. Great for summer and winter.

Available in White, Red and Black.

"Dry Touch"
50% cotton
 50% Polyester
Colour Range
Black Dry Touch
50% Polyester
50% Cotton
Blue Tartan
100% Cotton
White Dry Touch
50% Polyester
50% Cotton
Mushroom Tartan
100% Cotton
Red Dry Touch
50% Polyester
50% Cotton
Poplin Roses
100% Cotton
Red Hearts
100% Cotton
Blue Check
100% Cotton
Lavender Check
100% Cotton
Pad Size
20cm (7 1/4 inches) long

Suitable for light flow, teens and small women. Can also be used as pantyliner.

23cm or 9 inches long

Suitable for medium flow. Can also be used as pantyliner especially if you are tall.

26 cm or 10 1/4 inches long

Suitable for medium and heavy flow.

31.5cm or 12 1/2 inches long

Suitable for very heavy flow, maternity and overnight use. The maxi pad features a wider tail end for extra protection where you need it most but it still has the super slim Pleasure Puss profile.

The Pleasure Puss Purse

This Purse is made from black fabric with clear PVC overlay. It has two separate vinyl lined compartments to keep your pads and panty liners organised.


Measures about 15cm wide by 9 cm tall.


You can fit many folded up pads in the Purse, certainly enough for one day's use. AU$9.95 each.

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