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Why Use Cloth Pads?

Basically it all comes down to a question of health, money and the environment.

You can improve your health by reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals

Disposable pads contain a myriad of chemicals and additives which serve to increase their absorbancy and keep them looking white and bright but these chemicals don't do you any good at all.


Your genital tissue is highly sensitive, and these chemicals are easily absorbed into your body, causing vaginal irritation, itching and discomfort in the process.


We already live in increasingly polluted environments, so it makes sense to reduce your exposure to chemicals in any way you can.

You can increase your comfort by reducing irritation to sensitive skin

Because Pleasure Puss™ cloth sanitary pads are made from natural cotton fabrics, they are cool and comfortable to wear. Unlike plastic used in disposable pads, cotton allows your skin to breathe, reducing the likelihood of fungal infections.


Natural cotton is also unlikely to cause any irritation to your sensitive skin. And lets face it - that part of your body is one of the most sensitive parts of your whole person - so be nice to it.

Enjoy greater convenience

By using cloth pads you always have fresh, clean pads on hand when you need them - no more last minute dashes to the shop.

You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling

knowing that at least in one small way you are not contributing more rubbish to our already overloaded world. The statistics on how many tampons and sanitary pads that are added to landfill each year are frightening. In most cases they don't break down, nor are they recycled.


By using cloth pads, you can help reverse this trend and leave the world a better place.

You will feel more in touch with your body

It is amazing what effect the process of no longer throwing your blood in the garbage has on your relationship to your body and your periods. Many women have reported on how using cloth pads has changed their attitude to themselves - positively.

You will save money

Investing in good quality cloth pads will cost you only a small percentage of what disposables are costing you now. 

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