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How Many Cloth Panty Liners Do You Need?

How many pads and panty liners you need really depends on your individual menstrual cycle.

Ideally you should have between 6 - 10 pads available to use per cycle. This gives you enough pads to last through 2 - 3 days worth of flow.

Our Love 'em Value Packs give you 8 pads in various sizes at a discounted price.

Use the following as a rough guide.

Really Heavy Cycle

3 - 6 Maxi pads
2 Large pads
2 Medium or Small Pads

Heavy Cycle

2 - 4 Maxi Pads
2 - 4 Large pads
2 Medium or Small pads

Medium Cycle

3 Large Pads
2 Medium Pads
1 Small pads
Panty Liners

Light Cycle

Combination of Medium and Small pads and Panty Liners 

What else should I know?

Some other factors to bear in mind when choosing your pads are:

Your height? - Taller women generally need longer pads.

Your build? - Petite, skinny women generally prefer smaller pads.

Your flow? - If your cycle is heavy - use the larger pads. If you have light flow then the small and medium should suit you fine.

Your security quotient? - Some women like the re-assurance of more length in a pad and some don't. Consider your comfort and security needs.

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