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Period Blood

Do you wake up in the morning with stained pyjamas or sheets?

White Nights are the answer to your problem!

White Nights Australia period protection underwear has been designed to provide you with extra protection during heavy night or daytime menstruation.

White Nights are worn over your normal underwear in which you have already placed your Eco-Pad by Pleasure Puss® washable cloth menstrual pad. This ensures you will have a comfortable confident night’s sleep knowing you will awaken with no stained sheets or pyjamas nor extra laundry chores to disrupt your morning.

White Nights are made from breathable polyester knit with a waterproof inner core and are a discreet, comfortable and environmentally friendly way of gaining ‘peace of mind’ protection against period blood stains on sheets or pyjamas.

Our White Nights (as the name implies) only come in white, with a range of sizes from size 6 to size 20 and are manufactured to our stringently high standards. If you launder them as per the care instructions on the reverse side of the cute little zip bag (which incidentally can be reused to place your soiled cloth menstrual pads in when you are out and about), you will have many years of period blood stains protection in your drawer ready for use for your next menstrual cycle.

We have many testimonials from women who have purchased our White Nights for both themselves and for their daughters who have just begun their menstrual cycle. Mothers say that it gives their daughters much more confidence that they won’t be embarrassed by accidental stained sheets, pyjamas or clothing both night and day.

Our washable cloth menstrual pads come in a range of sizes to suit all body shapes, heights and accommodating very light to extra heavy menstrual cycle days. Our washable cloth menstrual pads range in size from Small (which can also be used as panty liners), Medium, Large, to Extra Large and in a variety of colours and patterns with adjustable press studs to fit different pant sizes. Our pad profile is very slim and discreet to wear, ensuring comfort for you all day and night.

They also have a layer of leakproof fabric covering 100% of the pad and this is sewn into the outer stitching so there is no movement in the pad which could cause leakage or discomfort. You can be confident when you purchase our pads that you have procured a superior constructed, long wearing, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating undergarment that, with proper laundering will give you many years of excellent menstrual service.

That’s it!!

No more money spent each cycle on disposables –

And the best part is – open the drawer and there they are just waiting for you!!

Take me there!!

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