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Small pads are 20cm long. All small pads can be used as panty liners as they are the same size with added leak-proof protection.

Medium pads are 23cm long and are suitable for medium flow. They can also be used as a pantyliner if you are tall.

Large pads are 26cm long and are suitable for medium to heavy flow.

Maxi pads are 31.5cm long and are suitable for heavy flow, maternity and overnight use. The maxi pad features a wider tail end for extra protection where you need it most but it stll has the super slim Pleasure Puss profile.


Compsition of Pleasure Puss reusable cloth menstrual pads are:

Red, White and Black pads are "Dry Touch" fabric which is 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester & have a superior 'wicking' quality.

Mushroom and Blue Tartan and Blue Checks are all 100% Cotton Flannelette fabric.

Poplin Roses and Lavender Checks are 100% Cotton Poplin fabric.

Eco - Pads by Pleasure Puss Wash 'n' Wear pads are comfortable, absorbent, ultra thin and leakproof. Get all the features you would expect from a disposable pad in these more comfortable, non-irritating easy to wear, easy to wash cloth pads.


For a full descriiption of the composition of all layers of the Pleasure Puss Wash 'n' Wear pads please go to 'Product' Tab. You will find each fabric description and composition here.


Please Note Our Specials Below:

Small Blue & Small Mushroom Tartan, Pale Blue Check and Red Hearts are 100% Cotton Flannelette and Red Dry Touch Poly/Cotton are all priced at $6.00 each.

Medium Blue & Medium Mushroom Tartan and Pale Blue Check are 100% Cotton Flannelette, White and Red Dry Touch Poly/Cotton are all $8.00 each.

All other pads that are size small are priced at $8.00 . Medium and Large pads not listed above are $10.00 each and Maxi are priced at $12.00 each.

As you choose your desired colours and sizes, you will be able to see the ones at the special prices.

Menstrual Pads Singles - From AU$6.00 to $12.00

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