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The Pleasure Puss "Love 'em" light Pack is for women who have light to medium cycles, includes 8 pads - 3 small pads (these can also be used as panty liners), 3 medium, 2 large pads and the Pleasure Puss Pouch and saves you lots off regular singles prices.

The Love 'em Light pack comes in a mix of fabric compositions & colours i.e. Dry Touch - 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton, Flannelette - 100% Cotton and Poplin - 100% Cotton.

For a full descriiption of the composition of all layers of the Pleasure Puss Wash 'n' Wear pads please go to 'Product' Tab. You will find each fabric description and composition here.

Value Pack - Love 'em Light Cloth Pad Pack

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